A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Can you see how captivated the children are in these pictures?  There is a definite knack to keeping very young children interested.  Here Eleanor is using a visual aid and the children are clearly loving it, but the real secret to getting the best response is to use lots of different strategies and 'tune in' to the children. 


With very young children keep things moving.  Toddlers and preschool children are naturally inquisitive and full of energy and enthusiasm, but their attention span is short.  In a Musical Steps class most activities last no longer than a minute.  We play, we sing, we move, we watch, and we change the mood.  We're happy, we're fast, we're slow, we're silly, and we even pretend to be sad or grumpy sometimes!  All this variety is mixed in with lots of repetition, so the children learn, and their progress is there for eveyone to see.


Have reasonable expectations.  Don't ask your toddler to sit still for long - allow them to get up and move around.  They will respond best if they're kept busy, allowed to explore (safely) and distracted by an adult when they expore where they shouldn't. And if your toddler always seems to be the one that runs off in all directions, be glad that they're so full of energy, and be reassured that every parent of every toddler has felt the same at some point!

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"Fabulous - love it!"
Lynsey Ferguson, St Andrews  

"I love being a Musical Steps teacher - wish I'd done it years ago."
Liz Browne, Musical Steps Teacher, Wolverhampton

"We really look forward to all your classes. They're brilliant."
Moira Shearer, Bo'ness

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