Capture their Curiosity!

Children of all ages love to explore, but how do we capture that curiosity?  With very young children the challenge is to get them to focus on what's safe and appropriate.  In our music classes curiosity could easily turn to chaos, so what tricks do we employ to keep everyone focused?

tip for teachers: Use repetition. 

Funnily enough, repetition can make children even more curious!  In every Musical Steps class we use various boxes, bags and other hiding places which the children become familiar with and love to explore.  We use our 'Sound Sack' (a big bag) weekly, and it always contains a simple prop or visual aid to capture the children's imagination.  Even though the children see the 'Sound Sack' every single week, they can't wait to find out what's inside. 

tip for parents: Let your child take the lead. 

What we think will interest a child isn't always what they go for.  If your child notices something and wants to explore it, then as long as it's safe to do so, try following their lead and see what you discover together.  The latest research from Harvard University is showing that brain development in babies is enhanced by responsive, attentive parents who encourage lots of back and forth interactions with their child.

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Lynsey Ferguson, St Andrews  

"I love being a Musical Steps teacher - wish I'd done it years ago."
Liz Browne, Musical Steps Teacher, Wolverhampton

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Moira Shearer, Bo'ness

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