It's National Play Day Today!

Playing with our babies is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things we can do as new parents, but sometimes it can be hard to think of what to do!  It's a long time since we were children ourselves, and sometimes the stress of work and everyday life can get in the way of us letting go and having fun.

In a Musical Steps class we'll remind you of all those old nusery rhymes you've forgotten, and teach you lots of new songs, rhymes, games and other activities which will help you have fun with your baby.

Some of our original Musical Steps babies are now teenagers, and we hear about them STILL enjoying some of the 'daftness' from Musical Steps all these years later.  We love the fact that whole families have enjoyed our songs and rhymes over the years!

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"Fabulous - love it!"
Lynsey Ferguson, St Andrews  

"I love being a Musical Steps teacher - wish I'd done it years ago."
Liz Browne, Musical Steps Teacher, Wolverhampton

"We really look forward to all your classes. They're brilliant."
Moira Shearer, Bo'ness

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