More than Fun!

Musical Steps classes are lots of fun, but behind everything we do there are hidden benefits for the babies and children (and quite often the adults too!).

Here's an example of just one of our activities: 'Roll the Ball'

Sitting in a circle, we roll the ball to each child in turn, singing a song as we go.

What are the benefits?

  • learning to sing in tune: The song is very, very simple, so it's easy to find the right notes.  Singing really simple songs like this helps children to learn to sing, just like they learn to read using simple books.
  • listening: The children's names are included in the song, so when a child hears their name they know that the ball is coming to them.  Their anticipation can be amazing to watch!
  • learning to take turns: The children wait for their turn, and then give the ball away.  They gradually get very good at this!
  • timing: Our older children get very good at rolling the ball just at the right time in the song.  Being able to do something exactly 'on cue' like this is a particularly important skill in music-making and also in dance, drama and sport.
  • hand/eye co-ordination: This one is obvious - rolling and catching the ball.  Again, this comes with practice and we love watching our class members develop and progress.
  • parent-child interaction: Lots of our families use this activity at home, and it can be adapted - eg, instead of 'roll the ball' you could sing 'pass the cup', 'give the teddy' etc

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"Fabulous - love it!"
Lynsey Ferguson, St Andrews  

"I love being a Musical Steps teacher - wish I'd done it years ago."
Liz Browne, Musical Steps Teacher, Wolverhampton

"We really look forward to all your classes. They're brilliant."
Moira Shearer, Bo'ness

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