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Musical Steps works brilliantly in nurseries and playgroups.  Our teacher will work alongside you to provide educational music sessions that can be linked to your curriculum and tailored to your needs.  Topics include animals, shops, the sea, weather, fairy tales, and many more. Musical Steps classes will definitely help your nursery stand out. Parents love the benefits of the music classes, and children love the fun.  We cater for babies, toddlers and preschool children.  Contact your local teacher for more details.

Alternatively, why not use our activities yourself?  We have free downloadable teaching resources on this website, and our books for teachers are published by A&C Black/Bloomsbury. Click on 'Free Resources' above for more details.

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"Fabulous - love it!"
Lynsey Ferguson, St Andrews  

"I love being a Musical Steps teacher - wish I'd done it years ago."
Liz Browne, Musical Steps Teacher, Wolverhampton

"We really look forward to all your classes. They're brilliant."
Moira Shearer, Bo'ness

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